Tanzania Safari Prices & Cost Calculator


Cost Estimator for Tanzania Safari Price As with all our African safaris, tours and treks, Tanzania safaris has offered you a wide variety of affordable accommodation options – directly impacting on your total safari and vacation costs – in order to offer you the widest possible tour budget options.
Most of our safari itinerary prices will offer you an accommodation choice between luxury lodges, semi-luxury lodges and standard lodges as well as cheaper tented safari accommodation in public campsites.
Optional tour activities such as hot air balloon trips, canoe rides, visits to crafts centers and cultural villages, are all available at a supplementary cost.

Tanzania Prices & Cost Calculator – Overview.

Tanzania is said to be the home of wonderful wildlife across the earth. This is due to the presence of plenty wildlife across the countries national parks, for example the Serengeti which is famous in the great wildebeest migrations.
During the migration more than two million animals moves to Serengeti in searching of greener grazing pasture. This and the other tourist attraction found in Tanzania can make you start calculating your safari cost to tour Tanzania.
Porcupine Expeditions as a unique tour operator can help you on how to calculate your safari cost. There are number of factors that can contribute to the total cost of your safari, these factors must be considered by the tourist who are about to calculate their safari cost in Tanzania. Below are the hints…. The below hints will be in the best solution when the safari expert of Porcupine Expeditions is calculating the cost of your safari adventure below.

Duration Of A Safari.

Normally a safari price can be influenced by its length. You may look for a shorter itinerary in our website if you are on a tight budget and you are anxious to visit Tanzania. Also if you want a longer safari for less money your budget must lowering the standard of accommodation or deciding to visit Tanzania during the low season.

Standard Of Accommodation.

This is the broad part of the Tanzania safari cost. It is better that Tanzania provides an offer for all budgets, from camping to affordable lodges, tented camps and luxury hotels. Always in Tanzania safari there is something to suit your taste. Porcupine Expeditions expert prepare a figure using budget, medium or luxury style of accommodation and different styles to tailor the experience to your flavors and budget.

National Parks

All the national parks in Tanzania are created equally. For example the Ngorongoro conservation area and Serengeti national parks entrance fee is much higher than that of Tarangire and Lake Manyara national park. Without forgetting that Ngorongoro conservation area also has a crater fee to be paid for its visitation and this add cost to the safari in Tanzania.

Optional Activities

Apart from the game drive which is included in the safari, there are a number of optional activities that can be added to your safari. They normally range from affordable adventure like walking safari, hot air balloon safari and night game drives.


Kilimanjaro and Arusha airport transfer are normally included in your figure. This is the same price as you would hire a taxi that could be difficult for you to locate where your hotel or lodge is to the taxi driver. For those who landing in Nairobi we can also arrange a shuttle or private transport at extra cost.

Number of Travelers

The cost of a safari can also be decided by the number of people sharing a vehicle as the cost can be calculated per person. This is unlike the other cost like park fees and accommodation which are paid per person. But in case of a car it will reduce the cost because all people must contribute to the payment of car cost. On the other side 4 people who are sharing a 4WD land cruiser are dividing the cost in four ways and enjoy the lower per person cost.

Time of Year

This is the last major factor in calculating the cost of your safari that is the time of the year you are visiting Tanzania. Normally the prices are higher during the peak season of December to February and June to august when the lodges are getting enough business. The last major factor in the cost of your safari is going to be the time of year you are visiting. If you want to save money on your safari in Tanzania visit in April or May when the rainy season. The luxury lodges normally lower their rates.

Extra Costs on A Tanzanian Safari

Since our safari figure includes the necessary things like accommodations, meals, private game drives, transfers, park entry fees and all included activities, yet there are few things that you will need to budget for them in addition. They include….

  • International Flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Laundry
  • Souvenirs & Snacks
  • Tips

NB: calculating a safari in Tanzania may not be cheap in terms of cost but its experience is priceless. This means if you consider where you are going and what you will be seeing and experiencing you will get to know and understand that it is worthy coinage.

Tanzania Tour Prices – Booking Information.

When you want to book for Tanzania safari, one of main considerations is about Tanzania Travel prices and cost.   Cost of Safari in Tanzania vary much, however after booking your trip, you will able to get whole pictures about the cost and rates. Use our Booking form above to get In depth Tanzania Safari Prices packages.