Materuni Waterfall and Coffee Tour And Maasai Village Tour

“Experience authentic lifestyles between the rivals


Materuni village is one of the evergreen, unspoiled and a beautiful place famous for its aromatic rich organic Arabica coffee of along the magnificent Kilimanjaro Mountain along the slopes of Kilimanjaro. In this delightful village its people still live their authentic life about 1700m.a.s.l located 14km away from Moshi town that represents one of the few Chagga villages bordering with the Kilimanjaro National Park.  Maasai represent a Nilotic ethnic group inhabiting northern Tanzania. Maasai speak a Maa language with traditional nomadic lifestyle.


After breakfast your guide will come to pick you at your hotel in Moshi/Arusha and drive to Materuni Village (40minutes from Moshi)/Arusha (2hours). After arrival at the village, your guide will welcome you and after registration at the village office, your guide will give you a brief itinerary about the tour and your tour can start to the waterfall which is the highest (90m) in the Kilimanjaro region for a walk of 45-minutes. The base of the waterfall provides an attractive natural pool for a stimulating swim in a safe tranquility pool that cascades in your whole body and for sure you are going to love this. On the way, your guide will inform you about the culture of the Chagga village life, flora and fauna. The sceneries are truly magnificent and with some luck you will see the roof of Africa (5895m).

After having enjoyed the scenery, you will slowly return with your guide to a Chagga home so you can have a rest for a while (5-10mimutes) upon arrival after a walk before having a traditional Chagga hot lunch. Next the coffee ceremony tour awaits you. This ceremony is accompanied with Chagga songs and dances – a fun way to engage you in a traditional way of making coffee. During this process you will learn and participate on how the coffee is cultivated, dried, roasted, grinded and further processed in a traditional way until you have it finally in your cup while appreciating the views of the surrounding Kilimanjaro montane rainforest. Once the tour is over you will pass to a local bar for a “one for the road” for banana beer testing – absolutely something not to be skipped out to cheer-up a long good day.

When this is over you will say goodbye to the Chagga family and your car will be just outside in a doorstep to drive you towards a Maasai Village (1.5hours). On the way you will see some agricultural farms, sugarcane plantations, various crops such as sugarcane, maize, banana, beans, onions, and potatoes and then pass through baobab trees that are scattered in the vicinity of this semi arid place. Upon your arrival at the village you will be welcomed by a Maasai warrior before introduced to the rest of the clan. He will introduce to you a Maasai guide that will accompany you in the tour with your guide you came with for any assistance needed such as language barrier or taking some photos. Your Maasai guide will take you inside a Maasai house for dressing in a Maasai costume. You (male tourist) will be dressed with a warrior and female tourist will be handled by Maasai ladies. When you come outside (now you look like a Maasai) your Maasai guide will take you in a special place for explanation about Maasai history, traditions, age-set systems and how to become a warrior.  An interesting part awaits you: Maasai traditional dance. Maasai dance is full of fun, amusement, interesting and socializing. You will also have a chance to walk to see how Maasai graze cattle, their architectural designs and traditional medicines.

After this fun, you will join some of the Maasai warriors in making fire out of special piece of wooden stick and donkey dung/pup just by bare hand. This will leave you fascinated! You will finish your tour on a traditional tree for a Maasai herbal tea before saying goodbye and return to Moshi or Arusha