Chemka Hotspring Day Tour


“Swim while the fish do the massage”


Chemka hot spring represent one of the very few places in Tanzania that provide relaxation, refreshment and enjoyment swim on warm water with a fascinating free black fish massage. The place originates after a volcanic eruption of the Mt. Kilimanjaro 2000years ago that enabled the formation of depression feature that was once a lava outlet that emerged like oasis in the desert. The hotspring is surrounded by palm and fig trees with charming sprawling winding roots that makes it look like a hidden paradise with fairly deep attractive pond with turquoise water.


In the morning after breakfast your guide we will pick you from your hotel and the drive towards to Chemka hotspring will began. On the way you will see some agricultural farms with various crops such as sugarcane, maize, banana, beans, onions, potatoes and then pass through baobab trees that are scattered in the vicinity of this semi arid place of Chemka hotspring. Upon your arrival at Chemka hotspring the crystal clear with turquoise water entice you to a refreshing swim with the black small fish along doing the massage taking away all your dead body tissues. It is also interesting to jump in the water using a swing rope something that provides unique experiences..

After some few hours in the water you will have your hot lunch of your preferences accompanied with banana or local beer of your choice close to the pool then swim back until evening for drive back to your hotel.